All the things.

6012d6c46224e7f15857189186c55eaeBecause this is where I want to be and all that fills my mind lately. Image via here
It seems that when life is moving forward and the blog is standing still that the best way to move the blog a little ways forward is to write about absolutely nothing yet absolutely everything. Many of my favorite bloggers regularly post about their various interweb findings or tidbits of life happening beyond the screen, therefore giving me all the more courage and motivation to do the same. You’ll find that these posts usually have very ambiguous titles, often using whatever day of the week it is followed by the seemingly elegant word “musings”, which is really just a dressed-up word for “stuff” (and to be honest, I’ve never used the word out loud in a real-life sentence so anytime I use it here you can rest assured I am just trying to impress you). A lot of life has happened since my last post (IN JANUARY, OH EM GEE) and I’ll share more about that soon. In the meantime, here are all the things cluttering my tab bar.

You probably know by now, (except no, you probably don’t know because why would you) that I have a slight crush on this girl. Everything from her home decor to her love for Mary Oliver makes my old school soul sing. I also find her posts on essential oils pretty interesting. As I’ve always been a skeptic of trendy pyramid scheme products, she makes a pretty hard sell on how useful oils can be.

We just bought our very first home last month and have spent these past several weeks nesting and settling into this much larger space (with a much larger monthly payment). Although our home is not old by any means, it was built in the early 70s so it needs a little tender loving care to get it the way we want it. I found this post most inspiring to work with what we have rather than rip everything out and start from scratch (which was my initial thought). She also posts some great freebie printables that I am always on the lookout for.

I just finished reading All the Missing Girls by Megan Miranda and what a read it was! Written backwards, this story keeps you turning pages way past bedtime. Any similar novels out there that you’d recommend? I am thinking of reading her newest book, The Perfect Stranger, once I find it at Half Price Books or get my new library card.

Our new house has this amazing screened-in back porch. Sadly, the only furniture we have for it is a tiny plastic bench and two rinky IKEA chairs. Every day when I get home from work, I head straight there ready for some quality transition time (this should be a love language) only to be met with the frustration of an uncomfortable seat and no where to prop my feet up. Naturally, I’ve taken to the interwebs to find some inspiration for this blank canvas. This and this for eating. This for snoozing. And all of this for inspiration. See, there she is again.

Does it ever happen to you that your favorite low-key bloggers post clothes they are contemplating and you go to click the link and FREAK OUT WHEN YOU SEE THE PRICE TAG IS ANYTHING OVER $100? Because this happens to me all the time. I thought you were supposed to be low-key. As in you’re supposed to shop at Old Navy and occasionally Target. Not this Nordstrom crap! I can’t even afford the Madewell sale section (which completely ticks me off since Lexington is about to get its very own store in the flesh). $60 for a beanie? You’ve got to be kidding me.

That’s all I’ve got for you today. Happy Monday. And enjoy my musings.

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