Sarah Grashal PhotographyIn someway or another, I’ve always understood life best through words.

Singing to the radio in my momma’s convertible. Journaling my confusing middle school emotions late at night under the covers (we’ve all been there). Sitting across many tables with many friends sharing coffee and our hearts. Praying to the God who already knows the words before they are in my mind, let alone off my lips.

Whether written, or spoken, or heard, words (and lack thereof) hold meaning. The words we choose to say and not say, the words we choose to like or double tap, the words we choose to post for everyone or keep unpublished – they mean something. They expose the content of our hearts. The content of our minds. And within those choices of what words we use or don’t use, we’re given responsibility. To build up or tear down. To love or to hate.

Now, I’ve failed (and continue to fail) too many times to count at using my words wisely, but I know there’s always a chance to grow and change. As a way to work on this area in my life, I’ve created this blog to share my life with you through my words. My hope is that this blog offers you good words of faith, encouragement, humor, and truth. I need a place that offers those things to me, and maybe you do too.

I can’t write in calligraphy, my cooking skills are less than subpar, and let’s be real – Pinterest gives me a migraine. But – I can write, I can read, I can talk, I can listen. So, if you’re interested in growing and understanding Jesus, finding joy in a normal, mundane life, laughing at my attempt at being a wife, and swallowing some hard truth… stick around.

I’m a girl named Logan who has a husband with a big beard, a baby in my arms, and cats at my feet.

5 Responses to About

  1. Darisa Hahn says:

    Logan, can’t wait to keep up with your blog. Congrats on getting it started!! Love you!! Mom-in-love, Darisa

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  4. kchasse says:

    Stumble across your blog via facebook, love your writing! Would be honored if you’d follow me back! (kaitlynwrites.com)

    -Friend of Leta’s

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