Life in photos that never get posted.

15I have this love-hate relationship with social media. One day I am all about it. Posting on Instagram like it’s my job and staying up-to-date with all the engagementsbabiesweddingsjobs on Facebook. Pinterest has become my favorite little hobby – a place to organize my house dreams and the meals I want to make. Although I will say, I hardly ever indulge in Twitter as the layout completely overwhelms me, but often times I do wish I could be clever enough to post 140 characters that would actually warrant a retweet. Then there are days when I absolutely detest these outlets. I delete every app on my phone (currently) and swim around in the idea of never getting on again. The constant comparison of my life to hers and the bickering of why you should or should not march (often based on uneducated opinions) is too much for this already anxiety prone heart. (I feel this one tiny paragraph boiling into one long blog post eventually. I know you’re excited.)  One thing I do love, however?


I am sure you are like me in the fact that your phone’s space mostly consists of photos of nearly every wakening moment of your life. Successful hair day? Photo. Dinner that actually turned out well? Photo. Coffee steaming in that morning light? Photo. Or ten. Scrolling through my own photos, I realize how much life is in them that never get posted to social media. I am all about sharing certain snippets of life with those who follow along online, but so much more happens that isn’t posted and that’s the life I want to focus on. Those beautifully crafted square photos are great and all, but life doesn’t fit in a square. Despite my trying to shove it into one.

So here are a few photos that haven’t made their way on Instagram or Facebook that had more life in them than one square can hold.

324 hours in the woods.1Shooting with the manliest man.4Learning how to use a kitchen.5DC views.9Late night movies. (This still counts even though I just posted it here.)12Coming home to momma.13.jpgRocky Mountain views.2.jpgFrom college athletics to seminary.6.jpgGavin Cole Shaffer.10Date nights.8New beginnings.11Tattoos.7Following the leader.14Slow mornings.

Because this space is a place for me to look back on lessons learned, moments savored, and words said throughout our little life, I want to always remember the life that never gets posted too.


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3 Responses to Life in photos that never get posted.

  1. Barbara G. Hahn says:

    Your scones look delicious.

  2. I agree about social media. I do nit like twitter!

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