Baby things.

baby thingsI am no baby expert and you should know I have about 54 websites open on my phone due to my desperate attempts to constantly understand WHAT THE CRAP IS HAPPENING WITH MY CHILD. I won’t tell you the questions I type in Google or the crazy mom blogs I read during late night nursing sessions. I definitely won’t tell you the items I’ve ordered off Amazon at three in the morning as I worry and fret despite the fact that my child is asleep. It’s like I want something to be wrong with her by the way I furiously text my concerns to my mom friends. The pediatrician surely thinks I’m a nut job. At one of our appointments he looked at us and said, “Guys. Your. Child. Is. FINE. Stop your worrying!”

Yeah right dude.

Although I don’t know why my baby is crying half of the time, I do know a thing or two about baby products, and because I’m pretty much obsessed with finding things that work, I’ve compiled a list of what’s helping us through these newborn days.

Love to Dream Swaddle UP. The first month of Campbell’s life, she absolutely loved having her arms swaddled down. I would feed, burp, play, and then swaddle her and it was almost instantaneous that she would close her eyes for a nap. Lately though, anytime we’ve swaddled her, she bucks and grunts and tries to break out of the swaddle in frustration. Finally we realized she wants her arms up instead of down, which of course made me cry because she’s growing up too fast. We’ve tried the Love to Dream Swaddle UP and it’s AWESOME. If your baby is fighting the arms down swaddle, then give these a try!

DockATot. Before I had Campbell, I saw these floating around the mommy blogs I follow and thought they were unnecessary. And I’m sure they are. But I caved and registered for one because I liked the portability it gave. Y’all, this cozy pad is a miracle worker. From the beginning I was adamant about her sleeping flat on her back. I was against swings and Rock n Plays and any other sleep agent that would lull her to sleep besides herself. I have since changed my philosophy on this, but we’ll get to that later. Anyway, the DockATot is cozy and portable. Fits inside the bassinet and crib for easy transition. Completely breathable so if your babe likes smashing her face into something (like someone I know…) then you can rest assured she will still be breathing in the morning.

NoseFrida. Who knew newborns were so sneezy and congested? Not me. Apparently the bulbs they hand you at the hospital are not meant for those tiny nostrils but rather for sucking amniotic fluid out of their mouths. When I heard about the NoseFrida I was completely disgusted. Sucking snot out of a baby’s nose? No thank you. But again, my protesting soon changed once that baby was in my arms. I know this contraption sounds like a bad idea, but I promise you it’s not. You may even become addicted to using it like us…

Primary. I’m not a fan of most baby clothes. Unfortunately, it seems that 90% of baby girl clothes have either the brightest shade of pink or crowns or sparkles on them, and that just doesn’t fly in this house. Primary, though, is everything I love wrapped into children’s clothing: simple, coordinating, and quality. Everything is either solid or striped and the material is so soft. I love that any type of clothing, whether leggings, dresses, or onesies are all made the same so mixing and matching is so easy.

Simple Sway Swing. Before Campbell was born, I was on team no swings. I did not want her to sleep in a swing, be soothed by a swing, or even look at a swing. I read all the books about encouraging your baby to self-soothe, only sleep on their back, with no vibration or motion. Naively, I thought my baby would be the one baby in the world who didn’t need anything to help her fall asleep. Two days in, Spencer was at buybuy BABY purchasing a swing. We were desperate so naturally, we went for the swing that all moms swear by: the mamaRoo. And of course… our high maintenance daughter HATED it. After dropping an embarrassing amount of money on it, we just assumed she hated swings and wouldn’t be consoled by one. But hello Graco! Thank you for making a swing that rocks my baby as violently as she likes.

All of these items, plus the monitor, baby tub, and trio travel system have given us a little peace in the midst of all the chaos. However, nothing can compare to the support I’ve gotten from my mom friends (and yes, even the mom Facebook groups). Other moms are the BEST resource as a new mom. They’ve been where you are. They know what you’re going through. They can reassure you that your child is fine and that mark on her head is nothing to worry about. They are up when you’re up. And they know just what to say when you need the encouragement to make it through another fussy night or fight with your husband.

I’m slowly learning that even the most credible websites, experienced doctors, and sworn by products are no match for the women around me. Although our babies sparked some of our friendships, I feel as though we’ve been friends for a lifetime already. So, thank you for helping me raise my daughter… one frantic text at a time.

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