Bid Day, I miss you.

Face paint and matching t-shirts. Handmade signs on sticks jolting in the air. Chants and cheers louder than the other girls. No, this is not a circus or fair or some sort of cult gathering (although some of you might disagree). This is sorority recruitment. And that girl with the face paint and t-shirt and sign waving in the air, her voice an octave too high in unison with what feels like a million others… that girl was me.

As I scrolled through social media this past weekend, photos flooded my feeds of girls running and smiling and jumping up and down. There was glitter everywhere. Hugs a mile deep and smiles a mile wide. Hand signs were thrown in the air when they weren’t being held by best friends. Unfamiliar faces linked up with friends of old, being welcomed as if they had been gone on a long trip, like they belonged right there in front of that big white house all along. Bid Day 2017 was plastered (and continues to be) all over and as tears filled my eyes, I longed to be back on Chestnut Street with my own handmade sign waving in the air and my very best friends all around me. I couldn’t help but think of how quickly it all fades away and how Augusts are no longer filled with recruitment workshops and little black kitten heels (but I’m not complaining about that one).

And so like all rationale women do when they’re sad, I began looking at photos of my own time in college with the hopes that it would cure my depressed state–of which IT DID NOT CURE A DANG THING. I also may have had sad music playing in the background because I’m that girl. Feeling sad? Let’s do things that make you even more sad! Yeah, that’ll help! Not. However, I will say in looking back over those short four years I am confident that I lived life to fullest. Isn’t that the point too? To be able to look back on a specific time of life with zero regrets. To know you experienced all that you could. To remember the wins and losses and cherish them both equally. And especially, to know you wouldn’t be the woman you are today without those years of pruning.

I hope at the end of every different season of my life, I am able to look back at photos or think of memories with the same gratitude I have for Bid Day 2010 and those four years after.

Now, what kind of reminiscent post would this be without a few throwbacks?


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