Today at 32 weeks.

Words I’ve been pondering on the 32 week mark…
“Obey God and leave the consequences up to Him.”
– Charles Stanley

Watching: The Office and OH MY GOSH, where has this been all my life? Spencer and I have never laughed more together than we do during our nightly 20 minute tv time. That’s either really sad or totally okay… either way, I’m good with it.
Baking: my sister-in-law’s magic oatmeal bake. I make this about every two weeks for us to have as a breakfast option as a way to make mornings before work a little less hectic. I need to post the recipe…
Wondering: if the next eight weeks will fly by or move slow.
Reading: not much of anything currently. I went threw a reading frenzy earlier in the summer. Now all I want to do is watch The Office so books have been put on the back burner.
Craving: anything and everything that is bad for me. I may or may not have consumed two frozen pizzas and half a bag of pizza rolls within the last 48 hours.
Organizing: lots and lots and lots of baby clothes and diapers.
Wasting: a lot of food in the fridge. Anyone have tips on how to actually eat leftovers instead of let them waste?
Sipping: still too much french press coffee. I’ve finally mastered the art of the french press so I’m moving onto cold brew next. Stumptown gives the best tutorials.   
Loving: Pinterest right now. I get on these weird pinning kicks and can’t stop.
Dreaming: of the day when my pregnancy nightmares will stop. They are no joke in this third trimester.
Chopping: onions for our pot roast tomorrow.
Feeling: very expectant for the season of life to come.
Laughing: still at our crazy kitten, but especially at our big cat who likes to think she’s still a kitten when they play.
Picking: out fun thrifty things for our home. It’s amazing how much my style has changed over the years… and for the better.
Humming: my Spotify hang out playlist.
Wearing: as many fall clothes as I can get by with during these summer months. Shorts and sleeve-less shirts are just not meant for pregnant women, or this pregnant woman at least.
Teaching: myself to slooooooow down.
Learning: how to sew and thinking I should have learned these skills a long time ago.
Following: a long with the state of our country and actually quite fearful for what might happen in my daughter’s lifetime.
Praying: for peace of mind about big life changes and decisions.
Making: so many bibs for my little babe.
Wanting: more hours in the weekend.
Playing: music constantly when I’m home. It’s become a sweet ritual on Sunday mornings when Spencer is already at church and I’m enjoying the quiet of the house, coffee, and whatever Spotify wants to play me.
Waiting: to go to IKEA…STILL. I should have already gone but you know, life gets in the way sometimes.
Remembering: to give myself grace in the growing. To nurture relationships. To spend more time with my husband than posting about him. To cherish every week that passes with this girl in my tummy. And to go grocery shopping every week. (Yep, same as last time, but they all still fit.)

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4 Responses to Today at 32 weeks.

  1. Cindy Rigsby says:

    I love your blog. I always learn something new when I read them

  2. Barbara says:

    I always enjoy your blogs. I have a birthday gift for you and also a onesie For the little girl. Stop by if you are in the area. Love, Grandmother Hahn

    Sent from my iPad


  3. Barbara says:

    I always enjoy your blogs. We hope you had a good birthday yesterday. We Sent your gift with Forrest and Darisa–hope you have picked it up. Janet was In Winchester on Sat. and she said that you are farther along by 3 weeks. WOW!!! Love you, Grandma Hahn

    Sent from my iPad


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