Today at 23 weeks.

As I’ve mentioned before, many of my must-read blogs make this fun list of “ings” every so often of what is going on in their day-to-day. There is truly nothing like getting a glimpse into the lives of people you have never met but feel like you know so well (thank you interwebs). It may also be creepy. Although I do not have a mass amount of followers on this ole blog, those of you who do kindly read along probably know I am a sucker for nostalgia. Any chance I get to look back and remember is one I love to take. So, here I am today at 23 weeks pregnant in all of my “ing” glory.

Watching: Gossip Girl. For the millionth time. Yes – I am ashamed. No – I will not stop. #chuckandblair
Baking: banana bread. Tonight I plan to sift through my great-grandmother’s Betty Crocker cookout book for something sweet to make tonight.
Wondering: what our girl will look like.
Reading: Babywise still. Any of you have experience with this book?
Craving: pickles, mustard, banana peppers, and pizza rolls. Separate or all together.
Organizing: our house. Except that needs to say should be organizing. We have a lot of work to do before this baby comes in October and no motivation to do any of it.
Wasting: weekends by staying in bed. We upgraded from a crappy queen-size mattress to a glorious, life-changing, marriage-saving king-size mattress wonderland and I think I might have spent four hours out of it this past weekend. Praise Him from whom all blessings flow.
Sipping: Iced french press coffee with caramel macchiato cream. Thank you Dry Stack Coffee for making my mornings much better.   
Loving: everything about this bathroom renovation.
Dreaming: of one day being able to make that bathroom my bathroom. Likely? Not.
Chopping: different meals every Thursday for our group that meets at our house. This week it’s appetizer night so I have Captain Rodney’s and buffalo chicken dip on the menu.
Feeling: less anxiety about our girl coming in only 17 weeks. Except for when I say 17 weeks out loud. 17 WEEKS? THAT’S LIKE NO TIME AT ALL. SHE MIGHT AS WELL BE COMING TOMORROW. OR TONIGHT. I thought I was doing better, at least.
Laughing: at our hopping, wild, sometimes looks like a bunny, kitten. She likes to hide and then pounce at whoever walks by but usually scares herself so she jumps twice as high and takes off running. Only to come back and do it all again.
Picking: out furniture and decorations and paint colors for our home. I have a girls’ trip to IKEA planned soon PTL.
Humming: Leon Bridges.
Wearing: the sexiest pair of shoes ever created. Your grandma will be jealous.
Teaching: myself to keep my mouth closed a little more than I usually do.
Learning: that everything is temporary except for my God, my husband, and my family.
Following: her. And her. And her.
Praying: the Message version of Matthew 6:34. “Give your entire attention to what God is doing right now, and don’t get worked up about what may or may not happen tomorrow…”
Making: more time to write. Clearly.
Wanting: more time after work. Why do the hours between 8:00am and 5:00pm drag by but anything after runs 10 speeds ahead?
Playing: lots of Catan. And by lots, I mean three games worth. But I have beaten my husband every time so maybe I should stop while I’m ahead.
Waiting: for this unnamed baby to get here and change our lives forever. And for a name to magically appear out of thin air.
Remembering: to give myself grace in the growing. To nurture relationships. To spend more time with my husband than posting about him. To cherish every week that passes with this girl in my tummy. And to go grocery shopping every week.

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7 Responses to Today at 23 weeks.

  1. Cindy Rigsby says:

    Your message about prayer. Matthew 6:24. Was something I needed to hear today it’s great how God will use another person who is praying about the very thing some of us need to read. I’m going through a lot of anxiety taking care of my terminal ill dad. My mind just keeps going and going thinking about what’s going to happen instead of giving all to God ,and live this day only. I’m not sleeping well, my thoughts won’t end. Being a caretaker is very hard But I know God will give me strength just how he did with my mom and I praise him for that I’m very thankful also for a husband that stands by my side and sacrifices being away from me 24/ 7. So I thank you for your bible verse and prayer. Its something I really needed today.

    • loganhahn says:

      So happy that verse was what you needed to hear. It’s amazing how God reminds us that we need one another in this life! Hope you’re doing well today!

  2. darisahahn says:

    Darisa Rae is a great name!!! LOL!! (That came out of “thin air”!!!!)

  3. Cindy Rigsby says:

    I love the name Madison and I really love Haley Grace. Just saying. Lol

  4. Cindy Rigsby says:

    I love the name Madison and I really love Haley Grace. Just saying. Lol you will know exactly what to name her when the time is right.

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