From this week.

I would just like to point out that this might be the most consistent I’ve been with this blog in, well, ever. To celebrate this feat, I will drone on and on with some things from our week because again, this is my party and I can drone if I want to.If we’ve talked at all this past week, you know that my husband has worked his tail off to paint the front half of our home over only a few days. He is making all of my neutral dreams come true, and without complaint. Not to mention he painted that massive fire place, of which the above photo does not do it justice, about a month ago. He painted every. single. line. This was after I stated that I wanted everything painted before the baby came yet not realizing that job would fall solely on his shoulders as paint fumes and pregnant do not go together. Talk about true love, right there.Groups started at our church this week. I have been a little low on the community scale as of late due to newchurchnewhousenewcity. New everything, basically. Around our church I am known as “Spencer’s wife” which I proudly wear the title of, however, I do like being called by name and having some sort of an identity outside of my husband because DUH. Needless to say I was thrilled to join a women’s group of all ages to study this book. We are also leading a group for married twenty-somethings since most of us find ourselves in the same season of life where its hard to make new friends. Last night was our first dinner together and I couldn’t have imagined it going any better. We laughed and ate and joked like we were old friends and even had to pull the rolling office chair out onto the porch to fit just one more friend. There’s something about a house full of people that makes this extroverted heart beam. And having more people than seats around your table is what life’s all about.

I have officially succumbed to the “mommy blog” phenomenon and am in search of quality writing about being a mother. Not that breast is best crap or look how perfect I am at being a mother junk. We cannot simply define good mothering to only a few characteristics. Good mothering is whatever you can do in whatever season you find yourself in. And to be honest, I am so tired of reading about how “this way is the best way” because although I am a newbie to this whole mom thing, I think the best way is whatever works for you and your child, not what some popular fad tells you. I want the real, nitty gritty truths of motherhood and how we’re all struggling to find our way. I need that encouragement in my journey of becoming a mom. If you have any blogs you love to read about motherhood, parenting, or life in general, send them my way. Currently I am loving this site.Speaking of becoming a mom, I have found the summer outfit. Yes, I am wearing pants. Yes, I am wearing a longish sleeved shirt. Yes, I realize being pregnant in the summer means I should probably be wearing shorts and a tshirt. But no, I probably won’t. When your body is growing in ways you didn’t know possible (and also producing a human), there are no rules or judgments on what one wears. Even not pregnant I am not a fan of shorts so add on the monstrosity that is my upper thighs right now and you bet your bottom dollar you won’t be seeing me in them anytime soon. Unless it’s an emergency. Like there are no clean pants which is clearly not a big stretch of the imagination considering the clothes thrown effortlessly on the floor behind my shameless mirror pic.

And last but certainly not least, we are finally moving up in the world. Our king mattress will be here by 8:15 tomorrow morning and WE CAN’T WAIT. We even went to Macy’s and got really nice – and I mean really nice – sheets that cost more than you want to know. But we don’t even care because king beds save marriages.

That’s all I’ve got for you from this week. Now onto the weekend!



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