Five Days Away.

What was meant to be a simple extended weekend getaway to take a pause in the madness that is life right now and enjoy some quality time just the two of us turned into an OH MY GOSH, I’M GOING TO DIE BECAUSE THIS IS THE BEST WEEKEND EVER AND I NEED IT NEVER TO BE OVER extended weekend getaway that basically changed our lives. Okay, okay – a bit dramatic, but you get the picture. We were wanting a few days to lounge by some water, soak up the sun, eat a little too much, and sleep a little more. We were not anticipating just how much we actually needed those things.

And to call this trip a “babymoon” is a little bit of a stretch as we mostly only referred to the last few days as such in order to justify taking a break from every day life. We plan on strapping that baby to our backs and continuing our love for travel even after she arrives. Really we should have been referring to this trip as the “overdue-deeply thirsty for fun-never going this long without a vacation again-moon” because clearly we needed it since a woman I work with told me that my face looked refreshed today. MY FACE LOOKS REFRESHED, Y’ALL. That might be the best compliment this pregnant lady has yet to receive since January. Or maybe ever.

Because maternity leave rules basically suck and I have to hoard as many vacation and sick days as possible until our girl comes, we were looking at only a few date options for our trip. Of course once we started to serious-talk about getting away for a few days, the one weekend that seemed to make the most sense was only three weeks away at the time. And considering it was a holiday weekend, most options were either ridiculously priced or already booked. There were a few days of crying and whining that life was unfair and that we would never get to go on a trip again, mostly by me. Okay – all by me. But thankfully, we have some incredibly generous friends in Orlando who let us crash on their living room floor, eat their food, steal their beach gear, and use their fast passes at Disney for four whole nights. It. Was. Bliss.

You know, I never really considered Orlando to be a place to vacation unless you’re going to Disney, but I was sorely mistaken. Our friends live 45 minutes from the beach, 45 minutes for Disney World, and right smack dab in the middle of the holy land of shopping and dining. Think Super Target, H&M, World Market, Panera, Jimmy Johns, Chipotle, all within WALKING DISTANCE, PEOPLE. Why is the world so unfair that I can’t live in the vicinity of a Target? Let alone, a Super Target. On the flight home we contemplated booking the next flight back down, only this time with all of our belongings and two cats so we too could live 45 minutes away from absolutely everything you need in life. That dream quickly ended when our alarms went off the next morning for work. Oh, to live on vacation. Processed with VSCO with e1 presetProcessed with VSCO with e1 presetLast year my mom, brother, and I took a mini vacation to the same beach we visited this year for the wedding of the couple who we just stayed with. Confusing, I know. I’ve never been to a beach where you can park your car on the sand, but it really is a thing. It feels slightly redneck and slightly rebellious at the same time which is probably why I love the idea so much. No lugging your chairs and bags and coolers from a half mile away or having to lug it all back at the end of the day when you’re burned to a crisp and want nothing more than an aloe. All of Saturday was spent right on this sand, only moving to get more snacks and water for this very hungry pregnant woman. We walked a mile up the beach to grab some seafood for lunch at a local place and then I marched myself down to the tacky beach store for a cheap umbrella as I was determined to last all day on the beach despite my ever growing feet and hands. Our friends met us back down at the beach for the remainder of the afternoon where we talked about life and change and marriage, which ultimately led to me crying and my husband laughing at my ability to make everything so sentimental. I would say it’s because I’m pregnant, but I think you guys know the truth.We also caught a movie on Saturday night at Disney Springs in probably the most intense movie theater ever. The screen was floor to ceiling and the 3D was so real. These small town Kentucky people didn’t know what to do with themselves. We got home rather late so on Sunday we slept in and then spent the late morning/afternoon by the pool – AKA paradise.And then there was Disney.Literally the happiest place on earth. I can attest to this claim after having been 21 weeks pregnant, couldn’t feel my swollen feet, wasn’t allowed to ride the best rides, all while it was nearly 96 degrees outside yet I was still happy as ever roaming through Magic Kingdom. And in pure Logan fashion, I had this bittersweet sentiment stirring in my heart as each little flutter rolled across my tummy of our girl yet born as I thought about how different Disney will look when she’s old enough to roam through Magic Kingdom with mom and dad. To see Disney through the lens of our girl will surely rock my world and I’m already weepy over her first Disney experience despite the fact she’s still in my womb. Again, pregnancy hormones? I think not. Besides the beach, pool, and Disney, the rest of our time was spent reading books, eating good seafood, catching up and laughing with friends (Hi, Traci), and most importantly time with each other. I hate how sometimes it takes being on vacation to be slower to anger and quicker to love, but in recognizing this I’m reminded that life does not have to be that way. We don’t have to be surrounded by sand and sunshine to offer kindness and grace. We don’t have to get miles away from home to become attentive or mindful. We can do those things now. We can be kind and gracious in the every day. We can pay attention and listen more closely even when balancing work, relationships, and the demands of our schedules. All of those things are choices, not based on our circumstances.I hate saying I need a vacation as I realize that a vacation is a luxury that not everyone has, but in our own way, we did need this time. This time to reconnect, re-prioritize, rethink. This time to laugh, not stress, or feel obligated to work. This time to think about the life growing inside of me and how despite the challenges we’ve faced, there is so much good to come. I needed to hold my husband’s hand and talk without interruptions. I needed to be reminded that we can and should do those things here at home too. We’re thankful for the generous people in our lives who made this trip possible and for the sweet memories we’ll cherish well into our parenting days.

And if for nothing else, this trip was needed for when Disney sounds like a good idea with a toddler. Maybe I’ll think back to how difficult it was with her in my tummy and that maybe we should wait 10 years for when she can actually carry her own backpack and walk on her own two feet. You know, make the kid pull her own weight. ‘Cause these parents won’t be held back from the magic of Disney, that’s for sure.

Parents of the year, right here.


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