Doing Things Better.

Because the main people who are actually reading this blog are either related to me by  blood or marriage or are very supportive friends who champion even the silliest ideas like starting a blog in the first place (I believe those friends have a very special place in Heaven), I feel that you might care just a little bit about how after an entire year of marriage we have finally figured some things out. And even if you don’t care, I know my mother-in-law will and that is good enough for me.

Y’all.  The hours between 5:00 and 10:00 PM are the witching hours in our house. Dinner time is the bane of my existence.

You would think that two decently intelligent people would be able to plan and coordinate a peaceful, tasty dinner every night. You would think with only two mouths to feed dinner would be served at a normal hour. You would think since both of us lived on our own for quite some time and enjoyed dinner then that we would enjoy dinner now.

You thought wrong.

If Satan is trying to attack my marriage, dinner time is his war time. Spencer usually spends his days rushing between classes and the library, and I work full-time chasing visitors around our campus, so by the end of the day we are both exhausted and hungry. We collapse at the front door with the expectation that the other one has dinner ready on the table. Instead, when one of us opens the door we are met with the hopeful eyes and rumbling tummy of the other who is thinking surely you picked up dinner on the way home. (I realize the ridiculousness of this as I am writing. We live in Wilmore for goodness sake. You can’t pick up dinner on your way home! There’s nothing to pick up! I digress.)

We fumble through the kitchen cabinets searching for anything to throw on the stove, and as you should know by now, the cabinets are empty. Back and forth we go about if we should run to the grocery. At this point it is 6:00 PM so running to the grocery is the most stupid idea as the nearest one is at least 10 minutes away (IGA does NOT count). And if we did go to the grocery, what would we buy? Deciding what meal to make might just be the worst part of all because MARRIAGE. I think God designed men and women to have polar opposite taste buds just for entertainment. It truly is comical to think about how much time is wasted deciding on what to eat. Once we realize the improbable likeness that we will make it to the grocery before dinner the next night, we settle on going out. And this sends us into a fury to now decide on where.

Please tell me I am not insane and that this happens in your home sometimes too.

But Glory be to God because this week none of what I just wrote happened. Not a tiny little ounce of it happened and I could jump through the computer screen right now and grab you by the shoulders with a hard hug. Do you want to know what did happen? Well, I am going to tell you either way.


Glory be to God (I am saying it again because I seriously mean it), meal planning is a thing and I know I am so behind on the times, but goodness gracious I LOVE MEAL PLANNING. Praise the Lord for the brilliant human being who thought to plan their meals before grocery shopping. You da real MVP. And now to prove my meal planning adventure to the world, or rather my mother-in-law, here are the recipes we have on the menu this week. Can I mention that as I am typing this the chicken pot pie is baking to holy golden goodness? I am Julia Child.

Monday night – burgers + pan-fried potato slices
Spencer was given a grill from a friend this Christmas and he may or may not have squealed when he opened the box. Guys and their grills, amirite? And no, I am not being sexist as I am completely aware that women love their grills too (Hi, mom!).

Tuesday night – pot roast, potatoes, and carrots + butter croissant rolls
I unashamedly admit that I have never made the easiest meal in the history of the world – pot roast. My husband is an avid pot roast lover so it was about time I pull out that crock pot and get to work. Or at least put the crock pot to work. This recipe was tasty with plenty leftover for lunches throughout the week.

Wednesday night – chicken pot pie
This dish is the best because you have your main dish and side dish all in one. Less dishes for me to clean! I am sure I can find another sentence to use that would include the word “dish” and then you all would really love me. I like this recipe because it’s easy, fast, easy, and fast.

Thursday night – white chicken chili + jalapeno cornbread
I have honestly made myself stop looking at the photos of this recipe because it’s too much for me to handle. My favorite season is winter. All the scarves and thick blankets and tea just really make my heart melt which are all reasons to eat soup and bread, right?Winter, soup, bread – the way to my heart. If it hasn’t melted already.

Friday night – all the leftovers
The great thing about all of these recipes is the amount they make. Usually, Spencer and I cook for ourselves so there are always leftovers. We will gobble them up to clean out the fridge for next week’s meal planning extravaganza. I know you can’t wait.

It may have taken over a year for us to figure out a decent dinner time plan, and who knows, maybe we won’t follow through in the weeks to come. But I can stand proud in knowing that we are learning how to do things a little better – one meal at a time.



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5 Responses to Doing Things Better.

  1. Grandma Gallaher says:

    It all sounds delicious! You are doing good!

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  3. Interesting post. As a priest, dinner time expectations might be something I should consider asking perspective newlyweds to consider along with financial understandings, etc.

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