Monday Musings.

monday-musingsOh Monday, how quickly you come. The busier the weekend, the faster you appear, and the more I hit snooze. We had a jam-packed weekend with our weekly Harry Potter movie night with friends on Friday, painting class Saturday morning and cleaning/purging the rest of the day, Kentucky football game watching Saturday night, and the busyness that is Sunday mornings with choir, Sunday school, and service. I did, however, sneak in a four hour nap after lunch yesterday that was totally not planned. And now Monday has graced us with her presence once more, encouraging me to take a look back over the good things of the weekend and random musings keeping me entertained today.

The author of this article got it right by saying, “Best. Photobomb. Ever.” I don’t even know what I would do if Tom Hanks popped by while taking our wedding photos. Our photos together would definitely not be this flawless and graceful. Think tears running down face, arms clinched around his neck, jumping up and down.

My sister-in-law texted me earlier today announcing that Baby Shaffer #3 should be here tomorrow! We are pumped because that means another nephew to kiss and squeeze and teach bad things.

Kentucky football is the talk of the town, and for good reason. And no, not because of those rumors about our head coach, although I have my own opinions… We finally showed our talent during the South Carolina game last weekend, and was it beautiful. One of my favorite guys had an amazing game and showed even more amazing support for his teammates, which naturally made me cry. While watching football.

The weather is cold and rainy (just the way I like it) in Kentucky so we are cooking up our first of many soups this season tonight. Trying this new, quick recipe, with a side of friends and homework. I love when our table and tummies are full of good things.

In case you missed it, we are heading back to DC for the holiday break and I could not be more excited. Consider all work that needs to be done this semester on the back burner because plan I must.

For all you worship music lovers out there, drop what you are listening to and embrace the magic that is the new Mosaic MSC album, Glory & Wonder. Your ears will forever thank you and your car stereo will never be same after you crank up this goodness on your way home from work. K-LOVE needs to get with the program and start playing these jams.

Now, enough procrastinating… I have a paper to write. That’s due tomorrow. Oops!


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