Random things and a photo shoot.

img_6468img_6457img_6473I’ve been sitting here staring at a blank screen for far too long trying to decide on how to combine a worthwhile post, something with substance and value, with a recent photo shoot we did for a dear friend of mine. And I’ve come up with nothing. So, here are some random thoughts and links for your Wednesday enjoyment and also some photos taken by the ever-talented Sarah Dunn.

Kentucky football has taken over much of my brain space these last two weeks. If you know even just a tiny bit about me, you know I love Kentucky football more than a lot of things. This is mostly due to working with the football team for several years and the fact that I was born and raised only 20 miles down the road from Commonwealth Stadium. For more of my football crazy, check out this post from last weekend and my dear friend Max Godby’s letter from two weeks ago.

Fall is easily my favorite season of the year. This particular fall is most exciting though because we won’t be planning a wedding through it, therefore giving me many nights to rearrange and redecorate and reorganize our home. Over the last month, with the help of two special friends, we have restructured our living room and dining room, allowing me room to decorate for fall the way I’ve always wanted.

Stranger Things has taken over Netflix in the most amazing way. If you haven’t started this show, drop everything you’re doing at this moment and turn on your tv. And once you’ve watched all 8 episodes in one setting (which you will, no judgement), watch this hilarious clip of one of my favorite characters. *excuse the mild language

Worship music is constantly flowing throughout our house when we’re home. This has become a favorite moment for me in our marriage, when we are both home, working on homework or cleaning up, and beautiful words and sounds playing in the background. We’ve been addicted to this album, especially #7… that bridge though!

Friends who have major photography skills are one of God’s greatest blessings — amirite? Sarah and I went to high school together, but have reconnected recently, and what a beautiful connection it is! She is funny and honest and so down-to-earth. I love that she makes fun of herself and doesn’t judge me when I’m super self-conscious in front of the camera. We had some fun in Midway a few weeks ago taking photos for her friend at Miss Molly Vintage inside of Feather Your Nest. Aren’t these shirts so great? Grab yours soon!img_6520img_6501img_6533img_6557img_6558



img_6592 So there’s my attempt to tie randomness and a photoshoot together. Hope you indulge in some random goodness from time to time and find a friend who is as good as Sarah.img_6677

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