Taking Stock.

Taking Stock.Hi! Hey! Hello! It’s me. Two Three months have gone by so incredibly fast and even to just begin on what has filled our days would be too much of an undertaking for me, and entirely too much to force your eyes to read and scroll and read and scroll. I mean, c’mon – An entire month has gone by since I started this post. #horribleblogger

So instead of typing paragraph after paragraph in exhaustive, dense detail (as you all know is my writing persuasion), I’m stealing a play from my favorite blogger’s book and taking stock of the sweet, messy life that has been the last two three months.

Making: Big decisions about credit cards and career paths and class schedules and a whole other slew of things that do not in fact begin with the letter C, but are equally as crazy and confusing as growing up and becoming an adult is.
Cooking: Not much of anything lately. Spencer has been working most nights waiting tables, so it’s usually just me at home. My dinner options range from leftovers to Subway most nights. Or hanging around Spencer’s restaurant. Because who doesn’t like their hubby being their waiter? 😉
Drinking: Lots and lots of McDonald’s iced coffee with vanilla. You can’t beat $1 large coffees that actually taste good. Except this month, I’ve been making my own iced coffee with vanilla, and let me tell ya – it ain’t too shabby.
Reading: Currently one rather genius work of literary history, Nightingale by Kristin Hannah and another rather dramatic and intense detective series, The Grant County Series by Karin Slaughter. Who knew listening to a thriller novel on audiotape was just as fun as watching a thriller movie. AND it lasts TWELVE. WHOLE. HOURS.
Wanting: A new couch. We got a new couch!!! And by new, I mean stole from my poor 15 year old brother-in-law who’s game room is now lacking.
Looking: At lots of flowers in my living room. Flowers from my husband. Flowers from my mom. Flowers from my old job. All given for different reasons. All representing the change that’s happened these last two three months.
Playing:  Maren Morris’ album over and over and over again.
Wasting: Time catching up on The Good Wife when I should be grocery shopping.
Sewing: I’ve never sewed a day in my life. Sad but true.
Wishing: For cooler weather. Tall boots. Crunchy leaves. Oranges and reds and burgundies. Rosy cheeks. And then snow.
Enjoying: Chai tea. That I used to hate. But now love.
Waiting: Always waiting for the hubs to get home from work.
Liking: White rugs with little black lines. I’m basic, I know.
Wondering: How I will ever stay up past 10pm ever again. I’m the sleepiest little girl there ever was when the close hits 10.
Loving: My graduate school class this summer. I now know not only the problem and the answer to every problem my family has ever had and I have let every family member know how screwed up we all are. Okay, maybe I haven’t, but still.
Hoping: For an Anthropologie sale soon. Sister needs some candles.
Marveling: At the miracle that is pregnant women.
Needing: Lots and lots and lots and lots of sleep. Intensive classes are not my jam.
Wearing: Leggings. And black. And grey. And white. Beige is as colorful as I get these days.
Following: A long with the Olympics via small snippets of internet reads and conversations with friends who have watched every moment, as I wallow away in the pain that is life without cable.
Knowing: The next few months are about to be cray. Did I mention I started a full time job this month AND my graduate program??? #crazylady
Thinking: It is so time for the second season of Stranger Things to come out.
Feeling: Extremely nostalgic as one of (read: my only) my favorite professors is leaving the seminary and she ended our last class with communion and blessing one another. Most beautiful, and teary class I’ve been a part of.
Bookmarking: What we’re going to do in DC over Christmas break.

I hope your last three months have been sweet and full and happy. Mine sure have been.


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8 Responses to Taking Stock.

  1. Hannah says:

    McDonalds iced coffee FTW!!!! And one of our early marital disputes was over the tragic fact that James HATES the smell of the Anthro Volcano candle, which I can barely fathom.

  2. lauraanne says:

    We need to share coffee, chai tea, about our husbands working evenings and The Good Wife! I’m glad you got into CO600 this summer! You are blessed!

  3. Barbara and Forrest Hahn says:

    Hi Logan:

    I enjoyed your latest blog and was interested to learn that you had read The Nighting Gale. I read it earlier this summer and really liked it. I’m in a book club and it’s one of our selections for review this coming year. I can recommend three other books that I have recently liked.

    Letters to the Lost by Iona Grey.

    Lilac Girls by Martha Hall Kelly.

    All The Light We Cannot See by Anthony Doerr.

    I have all three of these if you think you would like to borrow them.

    Love, Grandma Hahn

  4. Leta says:

    DC in Christmas!!! YES!!!!! I’m assuming that means I get to see you!!!!

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