A week of annoyances.

A Week of AnnoyancesWhen I woke up this morning and turned my alarm off, I was sure today was Friday. But as I rolled to the other side of the bed, only to find it empty, I realized that today is not Friday, but in fact Wednesday. The only day of the week that Spencer wakes up earlier than me due to an 8am class. I flopped on my back and stared at the ceiling, literally praying that today would be an easier day than the past two had been.

I’m not one to wish away my days. Not that I don’t find myself doing so on occasion, but I really try to be present every day of the week and not just the weekend. That saying, “Working for the weekend,” is sad to me. Whoever deemed Monday the worst day of the week set us all up for failure, and the same to whoever changed Friday to Fri-YAY. Weekends are good and I’m not complaining about days off work, but lately I’ve noticed we tend to rush through Monday-Friday, just to enjoy Saturday and Sunday. How much more enjoyable would life be if we looked forward to seven days out of the week and not just two?

But this week? Nope. That positive, encouraged, the glass is half-full girl you just read about does not exist. I’m working for the weekend and I don’t care who knows it! Which is why I’m subjecting you to my list of this week’s annoyances:

Parking tickets. If any of you have been on a college campus, you know parking is the worst. Considering I work on a college campus, you can imagine the annoyance I deal with daily. However, yesterday took the cake as I paid an insane amount of money for three hours of parking, only to come out to my car to replenish the meter to find a PARKING TICKET UNDER MY WINDSHIELD. You better believe I sent in an appeal and ran that mouth my momma gave me.

Crashing computers. You might have noticed that I’m attempting to learn how to use the “big camera” as I call it, and most recently Lightroom. I guess my computer is only used to being used for binge-watching shows that it can’t handle all the professionalism happening to it because weird messages keep popping up that the disk is almost full and is running super slow. You should’ve heard me trying to communicate with the computer last night: What is this disk you speak of? Where can I find it? Why is it full? Can disks be full? Can I buy a new one? Where are you disk????

Errors on Hulu. I’ve started something I can’t stop and that is The Good Wife. For the last few weeks I’ve contemplated becoming a Hulu-er and finally on Monday I gave in. Yes, I’ve watched nine episodes of The Good Wife since then. And no I’m not ashamed. Like any dedicated binge-watcher, you need the tv to keep shelling out shows, one right after the other, without pressing buttons, without telling it what to do. Just keep ’em coming. Well, last night my tv had another idea and decided to shell out error message after error message to which I threw a fit, each one worse than the last. Luckily, Spencer was locked away in his finals week dungeon so my embarrassing tantrum had no audience.

Friends moving away. My best friend since freshman year of college moved to Seattle, Washington today to begin her journey as a travel nurse. Although I am excited and proud of her leap of faith, I’m also sad and lonely without her right up the road (well…right up I64). She brings so much joy and laughter to everyone she meets, and people literally just fall in love with her when they meet. Last week, we went to Louisville for her going away party thrown by her work friends and I could see how much she meant to them. To all of us. Yes, she’ll be back in three months, but three months without your heart is kind of difficult. (I’ve had a really bad week so I’m allowed to be dramatic, okay? Okay.)

Not enough sleep. I’ll just leave this one here.

Cold weather. Last I checked it was May. Not March. WHAT ARE YOU DOING MOTHER NATURE? I thought we had an understanding that cold, gloomy, rainy days are perfectly okay as long as they aren’t TEN DAYS IN A ROW. Ugh.

Alright, rant over. Thanks for letting me be dramatic.

You know? I have a really good life. And even though some weeks don’t go as planned and annoyances pop up out of no where, I still have so much to be thankful for. How about the fact that I even have a job to park at in order to get a ticket? And you know, having a computer and a camera and a teeny bit of talent to merge the two together is pretty cool too. What about being able to even have the luxury of time to watch my favorite tv show? And yeah, saying goodbye is hard, but having such a solid, loyal companion to say goodbye to is rare. The fact that my days are so full of good, fun, joyful times that I don’t get as much sleep as I should isn’t something to be annoyed by. And the weather? Girl, get over yourself. Like my momma always says, you can’t control even the weather. Let. It. Go.

Weeks that annoy you are okay. But behind everything that is annoying is something to be grateful for, and I’m in the business of seeing the bright light beyond the gloomy gray.


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