When you just might love your niece more than your own children.

IMG_3319IMG_3321IMG_3324IMG_3328IMG_3331Sometimes I worry that I will never love my own children as much as I love my niece and nephew. I’m serious. Okay – not that serious, but this is the thought that runs through my mind when I get to see them. Over the last few months we’ve gotten to spend sweet, uninterrupted time with them at the beach and here in Kentucky, and every time they go to leave, tears well up, my throat closes in, and I feel as though my heart has lost its beat. Am I dramatic? Yes. Is this all true? Yes.

Last week, Leta (Spencer’s sister), Halle, and Weston (niece and nephew), visited us in Kentucky. Although I had to work and Spencer had class, we spent as much time and nights in Winchester as possible. Totally neglecting every day life schedules and routines in Wilmore. I’m currently sitting on the yellow couch, which happens to be the only available spot to sit on as our bed, the kitchen table, and my office are completely and utterly covered with dirty (and clean) laundry, dishes, and half unpacked bags. But extra time with Halle and Weston last week makes the upheaval worth it.IMG_3335IMG_3343IMG_3345I have a special bond with my niece, Halle. Maybe because we’re both girls or maybe because I give her whatever she wants (even when momma says no…oops!). This past week, I got to see Halle in an element that I hadn’t seen her in before. Her typically combed or curled hair was in a sideways ponytail and wild. She was sweaty from running around outside with her Pencer who lifts her on his shoulders and chases her every time she asks. Watching her be the free spirited, silly, hysterical little girl that she is brought me so much joy. There’s just something about the innocence of a child that reminds me to enjoy life.IMG_3350IMG_3352IMG_3361IMG_3363IMG_3372IMG_3379IMG_3487IMG_3509IMG_3433 I’m thankful for nieces who teach me to run without reason, laugh without restraint, and give away hugs just because I can.IMG_3445

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2 Responses to When you just might love your niece more than your own children.

  1. lauraanne says:

    These pictures are beautiful! I have a niece that was born before my children came along and I thought the same thing! We had an incredibly special bond! Now 35 years later and five kids of my own… we still have an incredible bond! Keep it up! 🙂

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