Asbury Trails: Monstrous mountains disguised as easy hiking

The idea that I could possibly be consistent with this blog is completely unimaginable. I made my strong declaration that I would look within my state for adventure, good food, and travel rather than wishing for sandy beaches, or museums, or bigger cities. I would begin by tackling the ever-growing restaurant madness that is taking over downtown Lexington, and in my attempt to #sharethelex, I proclaimed that many tasty date nights would be featured on this blog. This was two Fridays ago where we enjoyed our usual date night at County Club, a restaurant tucked away on an increasingly popular street with its community tabletops and kitchen right next to you kind of vibe. The food is so fresh, as it has to be since you can literally watch your food go from stove to plate then handed to you in 10 seconds.

Alas, here I am. With no post for you from this weekend regarding our date night. I didn’t think you’d want to see the Chick-fil-a, football game nachos, Fazoli’s breadsticks kind of eating we did this weekend. You can thank me later. But I’m not leaving you empty-handed. And yes, I do realize how pretentious and unattractive that just sounded. Usually when I say things that make it sound like so many people follow my blog and so many people care about what I’m having for dinner, it’s because I’m trying to convince myself to keep writing about this craziness that is my life. Bare with me. If you want to. If not, then don’t. I get it, believe me.

Anyway, back to my saga. I stink at consistency with this blog, but I hope to not stink at consistency in real life. I’m not one for New Year’s resolutions, as I think they only perpetuate the idea that this year will be the year and all the pain that can come when we fail our own expectations (I’m done…), but this year the words “follow through” have convicted me more than once. God has a way with His convictions, you know. From the simple things like finishing a book or making the bed every morning, to the bigger things like actually meeting up with that friend instead of just talking about it and sitting with the Lord daily. Through His convictions, I’ve really thought hard about what I’m following through with and what I’m not. You know I’m finishing the latest Netflix series I’m on, and probably in an embarrassingly short amount of time. And of course, I follow through with sleeping in because who likes to get out of their bed? But c’mon! How pathetic is it that I can so easily follow through with a tv show or hitting my snooze button, but I can’t follow through with meeting that friend or starting my day with Jesus? It’s pathetic.

These thoughts and many more flew through my mind this past weekend during our Sunday afternoon hike. Our friend invited us to go exploring, as he knows Wilmore a lot more than we do, and we happily obliged. I’ve been jumping at any chance to take my camera out these days since my girl actually taught me how to use it. The trail we hiked is probably 10 minutes from our house, which still amazes me as I never acknowledge that beauty is so close to us. We ventured down Asbury Trails to the river and then hiked back. And when I say hiked back, you should read: DEATH BY HIKING BACK UP MONSTROUS MOUNTAIN THAT IS NOT MEANT FOR EXTREMELY OUT OF SHAPE GIRLS NAMED LOGAN.

Y’all. I’m not even being dramatic.

Okay, maybe I am. But still. It was horrible!!! The walk down was so calm and relaxing and beautiful, and the walk back was torturous and painful and sweaty. You should be thankful that I was behind the camera and not in front of it. By the grace of God, we made it back to the top and I collapsed in the car while choking out the words, “Need. Air.” My husband rolled his eyes of course. I survived though. I followed through. Rather than complain or make excuses or try to find another way, I followed through with the hard part of the hike. I made it back on top, and despite the lack of air in my lungs and throbbing pain in my thighs, I imagined God whispering, “See… you can do it.” So, you didn’t get any pictures of yummy, fattening, glorious food from this past weekend, but you do get pictures of nature and my hub. God’s creation is beyond what any photo can capture. Get out there and explore where you are. He has you there if for no other reason than to enjoy what He’s created.

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