Celebrate good times. 

This past weekend, two of our best friends FINALLY got engaged. And by finally I mean, they’ve only been together for the last 6 months but we’ve all known they’re meant to be from the beginning. Six months is a very, and I mean VERY, long time. Maybe I’m being a little selfish here, but I was all IT’S JANUARY PEOPLE, LET’S GET IT TOGETHER. But finally, April 9th rolled around ever so slowly and my people are engaged. Hallelujah! Praise God! The wait is over! Now to get this wedding planned.John Wright and Kaylie have been answered prayers for Spencer and me. Being newlyweds ourselves, getting acclimated into a new life hasn’t always been easy. The name changes on everything, the moving, the figuring out of ALL THE THINGS, the new sleeping arrangements, and the double amounts of laundry have all been changes we’ve adjusted to – but settling in a new city and finding new friends has been hard. After college, my best friends scattered quick, like I used to when mom got my report card. Ya know though? I’m glad it’s been hard. When something comes easy, without much work or struggle, I find it’s often difficult to truly value or treasure said thing. The harder something is to get, the more I love on it and cherish it. That’s how I’ve viewed our friendships with JW and Kaylie. Not that becoming friends was hard. No, that was the easy part. But finding them. That has been a journey.Kaylie had absolutely NO idea what JW had planned for her on Saturday. The pure joy and excitement she had when he dropped to one knee was contagious. I was giddy! And yes, I know how pumped she was because we (and I mean 30 of their closest peeps) were staring out the window as he plopped down. Through teary eyes, I thanked God for bringing us to this very moment, of watching our two friends begin their journey together. And to be surrounded by so many others, who have different stories and relationships with these two people, made me cry even more. Two individuals, although unknowingly, brought together a group of people, whom most had never met one another before, with one thing in common. Love and support for the soon-to-be Polk pair.

Now, my photography game is less than subpar, but I do try. And I think I’m getting better with every picture I take (and you know that for every decent picture posted, there are an embarrassing amount of outtakes). But holy guacamole, my sister-friend and Kaylie’s cousin, Mallory is flat out AH-mazing at photography. She took much better pictures than me and should be paid a million dollars per photo, but she’s too humble for that. I’m going to learn from her, don’t you worry. So then, you loyal readers will have something pretty to look at while you endure my rambles that make up this blog. Check out Mallory’s Insta-game to see what the fuss is all about. And just for good measure… here are two pictures Mallory took that day. SHE IS AMAZE.

Celebrate the good times people. They make life worth every hard time in between.

P.S. We’re also taking date nights up a notch. Check out our first stop here.


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