My nightstand makes me cry, as well as everything else.

My Nightstand | A Girl Named Logan BlogMy Nightstand | A Girl Named Logan BlogMy Nightstand | A Girl Named Logan BlogMy Nightstand | A Girl Named Logan BlogAlthough for only a short period of time, this blog has served as an outlet for me to write and be somewhat creative (see my below beginner photography skills here), and until recently I never realized how good this was for me due to the deeply emotional girl that I am. The girl who cries pretty much every day because honestly, I really love to cry. Especially over things like watching my brother play sports. Or post Instagrams. Or when he actually gives me hugs. Or laughs. Or…okay, really anything to do with my brother makes me cry. I also cry when the fitted sheet doesn’t fit tightly enough around the bed and rides up in the night, getting all kinds of wrapped up in my legs. Because you know, the logical thing to do when that happens is cry. And then watch your really patient husband fix the sheet back the way it should be. It would make too much sense for me to simply tug and tuck the sheet underneath the mattress. Okay, I digress.

And because I’m a deeply emotional girl (just like the rest of you!), you know that I talk about decently heavy stuff here on the blog. Like how marriage isn’t easy. Or how making new friends is hard. Unfortunately, I have a tendency to dwell in those sad, yet often melodramatic emotions (which provide much entertainment to my mama now that she doesn’t have to deal with it on the reg) that can make a girl feel real sorry for herself, or send her under the covers crying. Which again, I love to do. So today, I want to talk about something much lighter.

My nightstand.

Don’t press the exit button just yet. My nightstand (just like yours) is very important to the sanity of this blogger wannabe. Seriously. When you share a bedroom with a husband, your nightstand becomes your sanctuary. It is the one space in your bedroom that is totally and completely yours. And after 23 years of having my own bedroom (except for those four years in college), I need a space, no matter the size, that is all mine.

So in case you were sitting on the edge of your seat, anxiously scrolling down the page, these are the things that currently make up my nightstand:

  • Cold Mountain by Charles Frazier. Oh the agony of this book. My best friend from college introduced me during our freshman year of college. Lilly is an old soul, who has the best taste in books, so anything she suggests I read immediately. We used to watch the movie and cry our little 18 year old hearts out. This beautifully written love story is set during the American Civil War, which in and of itself captured my attention. The book has all the best parts of friendship, romance, and war. Charles Frazier intricately describes the scenes taking place, and truly draws you in until pages later you realize it’s actually 2016 and not 1864.
  • The Family: A Christian Perspective on the Contemporary Home by Jack and Judith Balswick. Last year I received a package in the mail from Spencer. Because of aforementioned deep emotions, my crazy girl brain ran through the millions of possibilities inside this package. Roses. Yes, roses. Oh wait, no…the package is too flat. Hm. Jewelry. Yes, that Pandora bracelet I’ve been eyeing. It has to be that. Well, maybe not. The package is too big. Oh, I know! A puzzle. Of our faces!!! Wait. That’s just weird. It’s safe to say, the package held none of those contents and instead held this book. And how thankful I am for it. Although I haven’t finished it, there are so many intelligent, implementable strategies and tactics to incorporate in our Christian home for our marriage and one day our babies.
  • Powerbeats2 Wireless by Dr. Dre. I know these have been plastered across all “Gift Guides” during the holidays, but people, they deserve to be. I received these as a Christmas gift and haven’t put them down since (and neither has Hub). They seem to shift from my nightstand to his, his gym bag to mine, because we can’t get enough of them. The perk for me is that now my flailing arms don’t get caught in the wires when I run. What? Your arms don’t flail?
  • Baby Lamp by IKEA. Okay, so this lamp isn’t actually called Baby Lamp, but that’s what I call it so there. Spencer absolutely hates this lamp. Originally it was on his nightstand because he tends to stay up later than me, but he disliked its teeny tiny-ness so much that he moved it to my side within days of marriage. But oh how I love my baby lamp. It’s small enough that it doesn’t take up tons of space, and its light isn’t too bright. Because yes, I’m one of those people who has to have the lighting just right. Or else. You guessed it… I’ll cry.
  • Letter from Husband After One Week of Marriage by Spencer Hahn. This guy. All the heart eyes. He learned my love language so fast. Hand written notes. They completely woo me (and also make me cry). We’d only been married a week and with his sweet boyish handwriting, he scribbled down a few sentences that sent my heart up to my throat. I won’t hash out the mushy details here, but ladies- don’t settle for a guy who doesn’t write you handwritten notes. Nothing dramatic. Nothing fancy. Just his words on a piece of paper. And guys (pretty sure no guys read this blog, except my father-in-law), start writing handwritten letters if you don’t already. Watch the magic that is within sweet, simple notes!
  • Great Grandma Rowe’s Hanky Tin by Louise Rowe. A few years ago, I was visiting my great grandmother at her house when she gave me a tin full of her hankies. In December, she passed away at 93 years old and now rests in eternity with the God she pursued every day of her earthly life. Throughout the years I’ve kept important things inside this tin, and now it holds my favorite stationary sets as card writing is one of my favorite parts of life. My great grandmother was thoughtful, kind, often stubborn, and headstrong. I like to keep cards in this tin because it reminds me to fill the blank pages with words that are thoughtful and kind, just like Louise.

My Nightstand | A Girl Named Logan BlogMy Nightstand | A Girl Named Logan BlogMy Nightstand | A Girl Named Logan BlogSo there you have it. My nightstand. Can you see now why it is so special? Take a look at yours. What is taking up space on top or inside the drawer? I bet whatever it is, your nightstand is full of happy little things that are all yours. And sometimes we need those things for ourselves. If for nothing else but to make us cry.
My Nightstand | A Girl Named Logan Blog

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2 Responses to My nightstand makes me cry, as well as everything else.

  1. DomesticGoddess311 says:

    Well…I cried as soon as I saw Spencer’s letter… I am also a very sentimental person!

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