Thawing out. 

Things have been rather quiet around the old blog here lately. Partly because of the snow, but mostly because that’s how I wanted it. Snow days are so much sweeter now that I have a husband to share them with, and that’s exactly what I did. Spent a lot of time with my man, cooked a lot of food (because Whole30), and played a lot of cards. And it was cozy, and sweet, and we made memories. I admit it was nice taking a small hiatus from writing and simply focusing on the life in front of me. Although I hate to put this out there, I must tell you. Sometimes I get wrapped up in what God’s doing through this blog that I forget to just enjoy what’s happening off my screen. Being (literally) snowed in forced me to slow down, look around, and focus on what’s happening in my home, rather than figure out how to word it for a post. It was blissful. But Monday came, as it always does, and the snow-cation came to a end.

We’ve officially begun to thaw out. God really blessed us with a weekend of rest because it seems we’re about to hit fast forward on the next few months. Our lives are full steam ahead, as they say.

Here’s a little bit of what’s going on in our life:

Last night was the first of many Monday nights that I’ll spend with a special group of women. Over the last year, I’ve prayed for a group, similar to one I belonged to in college, to get together and study the bible. And God handed them to me on a silver platter. We sat around my living room, bowls of chili in hand, and shared our lives. None of us knew everyone (even me!) so it was kind of like a Getting To Know You night in sorority recruitment, but without lots of makeup, fancy hair, and matching outfits. It was oh so fun.

Spencer is starting the Young Adult Ministry at our church. We have an informational meeting this Sunday and then things get really crazy. He has so many hopes and dreams for this group, and I really love seeing him listen to God and obey His call. Most nights he can be found pacing back and forth, talking out the plans he has, and man – they are good. I’m a proud, proud wife. (This blog is NOT about portraying some perfect life that social media tends to do, but about being real. And I really love my husband. And I’m really proud of him. And He really loves Jesus. So, I’m not ashamed to brag about him a little bit here. But don’t let this paragraph trick you into thinking our life is perfect, because y’all know deep down it’s not. Nothing is.)

We are on the eighth day of our Whole30 adventure and life isn’t too bad. I’m getting to the point where I don’t want anymore eggs for breakfast and our grocery budget for the month has already burst into pieces, but physically I’m good. Once a day I typically crave pancakes and syrup (and ice cream and bread), but I don’t feel like I’m depriving myself. I actually feel really good. My clothes already fit better (although the Whole30 gods say day eight is when I should be feeling uber fat), and I feel lighter in general. The food we’ve been eating has given me energy and satisfied my growling tummy. Honestly, the hardest part for me right now is getting motivated to cook ANOTHER meal. And clean MORE dishes. And chop MORE veggies. It’s not the eating part that’s hard. It’s the preparing. But we’ll survive. As a new wife, I’m learning so many things in the kitchen, which I love the most (and also hate the most) about Whole30.

Spencer, on the other hand, just wants McDonald’s.

So we’re thawing out, and getting back in the grove of real life above the blanket of snow. No more sleeping in until an embarrassing time that I’m not telling you. No more spending 30 minutes getting ready to spend 10 minutes in the snow. No more late night movies. We’re getting back to the real life of long work days. Loads of laundry (I know y’all get tired of hearing me say that). Strict meal schedule. And bed by ten (at least for this big baby). Just to do it all over again the next day.

I’ve been reminded today of some truth as we’re thawing out. The snow plopped down on us so quickly just to fade away even quicker. God’s love is that way too, ya know. He sent His Son down to rescue us in one death. And just like that, death was erased from our lives. Darkness was covered with beautiful white. As Christ so quickly laid His life down for us, He forgave and loved and cleaned us even quicker. His love is quick and it’s full and it sorta plops down right on top of you like the snow. And as fast as the snow is melting away out your window, God’s love is wiping away every blemish, every sin, every heartache from you all the same.





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