All of this makes me happy and I don’t know what Bloglovin is but I’m doing it anyway.

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I’m not exactly sure what this whole Bloglovin thing is about but here ya go. Most of my favorite bloggers are on this site so I figured I’d join the club. If you have any helpful tips, send them my way! Or don’t and just ignore this post that has nothing to do with anything.

And because I’m weird and don’t want to just post about following me on Bloglovin (which I’m only doing because Bloglovin told me to – read “Yes, Master”), here are five things getting me through my first workweek back from holiday vacation.

This podcast. I know, I know. I’m way behind the times on this one, but nonetheless, here I am. Serial is insanely addictive. We started listening to it on our way home from our trip to DC. Sarah Koenig takes one story per season and unfolds a plot. The story is true and the people are real. And the addiction is even more real. I literally have counted down the minutes to when I get to drive home from work to listen to another episode.

This book. Over the last year I have been fascinated with the book of Galatians. I think it is one of the most important books of the Bible with its boldness and immediacy. And you can’t forget the amazing frustration of Paul, who once persecuted the church and later protected it. His frustration toward the Galatian church is justified as they aren’t trusting in the one true Gospel. They are straying away from truth and believing false truths. I think I’m so into Galatians because I see so much of this in my own life and the lives of other Christians today. Anyway, this study on Galatians by Timothy Keller is simple to understand, easy to read, and provides insights I would’ve never thought of on my own.

This illustration from that book about the motivation behind our works as Christians.

“Imagine a father watching his beloved son play baseball for the team his father coaches. As he sits in the dugout, he loves his son fully and completely. If his son forgets his father’s instructions and strikes out, it will not change his love for him or approval of him one bit. The son is assured of his father’s love regardless of his performance. But the son will long to hit that home run. Not for himself-to gain his father’s love-but for his father, because he is already loved. If he doesn’t know his father loves him, his efforts will be for himself-to win that love. Because he knows his father already loves him, his efforts are for his father-to please him.”

This album. Typically I’m not a fan of studio recorded worship albums, but this one I like. Especially tracks 1, 3, and 7.

This picture.


We’ve spent the last two weeks with our niece and nephew (and their totally awesome parents), and being back home without them is hard. No toys everywhere. No tea parties. No repeating the same word over and over again to get them to repeat it. No snuggles after nap time. No fights at the dinner table because a certain someone doesn’t want to eat. And on the contrary, no squeals because a certain other someone wants more food. Life without your niece and nephew is kind of weird. So to help my baby depression, I will sift through the hundreds of photos and count down the days until I hear, “Baby Lolo, let’s play kitchen!” again.

(And that top picture is also getting me through this week because I really love that my husband takes selfies with me on our big camera while everyone looks at us like we’re those idiot tourists who take pictures of everything and say “Ooo look at that!” way too many times. Okay, maybe we were those idiot tourists then.)





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2 Responses to All of this makes me happy and I don’t know what Bloglovin is but I’m doing it anyway.

  1. darisahahn says:

    Welcome home!! Glad you took lots of pics of the two “idiots” that I love so much!! Thanks for sharing the information on the book. I will def be looking it up!! Keep writing girl!! You are so gifted in writing, and I’m thankful for your sharing this gift!!

  2. DomesticGoddess311 says:

    Logan, I think Bloglovin is a combination of two words- Blog and loving. Like for those people who “love” to read “blogs”. Blog + Loving = Bloglovin

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