When life gets busy and you go to DC.

Originally this blog was supposed to be focused on my pursuit to read through the Psalms and provide some sort of break down or devotion to share with y’all. And I’ve done that here and here. But other than that, this blog has been more of a smorgasbord of the adventures, lessons, stories of my life. And especially with the holiday craziness the last few weeks, I have unfortunately slacked on my study and quiet time with the Lord. Over the last two and a half weeks, we’ve spent only three nights at home, so it’s safe to say I’m out of whack.

Isn’t that life though? Isn’t life always busy, always changing? Blaming the holidays for my distracted quiet time is so easy, when in fact the blame falls on me. I’ve been focused on a million other things the last few weeks, rather than the One thing that matters most. This brief time of extreme busyness has reminded me that even in the midst of chaos, I must make time for the Lord. When I do make time for Him, the rush in my circumstances doesn’t reach the stillness of my heart.

We’re ending our busy two weeks with a short trip in Washington, DC. I’ve fortunately been to many cities in America, but this one might take the cake. We’ve eaten at amazing restaurants, seen history, and met wonderful people. And when museums are free, it doesn’t get much better than that.

Some of my favorite parts of our trip so far:

  • Airbnb. This is our second stay (my third) in an Airbnb home, and we’re never going back. Forget hotels. We are staying right in the heart of DC, minutes from Capitol Hill, Eastern Market, and Union Station. We truly feel like locals.
  • Uber. I know this probably isn’t the most efficient way to get around DC, but it’s so much fun. We’ve had several Uber drivers and each one has the coolest story. Deborah drives her Uber so she can get her nails and toes done. Alex drives his Uber because he loves his new car and wants to share it with others. Ash drives his Uber because he loves the city life during the day.
  • Barrel. Super tasty restaurant where we celebrated our two month wedding anniversary. The mac and cheese is to die for.
  • Mia’s Coffeehouse. The sweetest people work here. And the environment is warm and rustic and all things hipster. So you know hubby loves it.

We’re heading to dinner at Founding Farmers tonight, thanks to the advice of a favorite blogger of mine. I’ve heard it’s the best date night out on the Hill.

Thanks for following along and (hopefully) being okay with my distracted posts as of late. After all, this is the real life of a girl named Logan.




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