Road trips are meant for singing loud for all to hear and West Virginia is weird. 

I don’t know about you but when I’m on the road for over 20 minutes, the entire car becomes my arena and the seats (empty or not) become my audience. My concerts typically consist of Taylor Swift, Miley Cyrus, or Wicked, and of course there are dance moves and hand motions and facial expressions that are most definitely good enough for Broadway. Who am I kidding? YOU ALL DO THIS TOO.

But I know one person who doesn’t do this. He doesn’t turn the music up past level 20 (which to me is a sin). He doesn’t dance at all. And he may love a song but you’d never know because HE DOESN’T SING THE WORDS.

Or so I thought.

Who would’ve thought it only took a McDonald’s with zero music playing for my husband to start dancing and singing. In line to get our caffeine fix, he started flailing his arms and making weird noises that I think he meant to be lyrics. I wouldn’t know for certain because as husband flailed around, he smacked me right in the face. Hello embarrassment. For both of us.

Obviously this was an accident and he still feels bad (as I just made a joke about it and he gave me the look), but are you serious! You can’t entertain me with taking turns hosting car concerts, but you can show off your skills in McDonald’s and hurt me in the process?!

I blame this on West Virginia. I know y’all think Louisville is weird…but have you been to West Virgina? Our car is legitimately dirty. There are signs for gas but no stations. One mile is snowy and the next is sunny with green grass. And there are houses. On mountains. WHAT IS THIS PLACE.

Okay, I realize I’m using a lot of caps in one post. I gotta get out of West Virginia.

All of this to say, when you go road tripping with your new hubby, take turns having your own concerts. If you’re like me and love pretending you’re Beyoncé, then let your Beyoncé flag fly. But if your husband is more mellow and enjoys keeping his inner Kendrick Lamar low key, then let him rest in his introverted-ness. It’ll make for a much happier hubby.

Just remember that road trips are meant for singing loud for all the hear, in the car or even in McDonald’s. Watch out for those flailing hubby arms though.

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4 Responses to Road trips are meant for singing loud for all to hear and West Virginia is weird. 

  1. darisahahn says:

    Love you Lo Lo !! Glad your trip went well!?!?! Have fun. Can’t wait to catch up when you both get back!!

  2. Missy says:

    I can see you now performing for Spencer I’ve witnessed those car concerts myself….I’m sorry Spence….I forgot to tell you about those 😁 (haha) hope y’all are having fun can’t wait to hear about it when you get back! I love you both! Be safe!
    ~ love, momma

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