Slow Mornings

I’m thankful for a husband who knows how to pick good tv shows. Before we got married, I declared that we would not be that married couple who came home every night and turned on Netflix. We would cook dinner together, read books together, talk about our days, stare into each others’ eyes, hold hands. Anything but Netflix and chill.

Alas, here we are. That married couple who comes home and turns on the tv. Now, we’re steering away from this habit and watching our shows sparingly throughout the week. BUT MY HUSBAND. He introduced me to Newsroom and the habit I thought we were trying to break is nearly impossible.

I’m thankful for articles like this. We need more humanizing articles floating around Facebook of our President. This in no way has anything to do with my political views, but more to do with seeing the other sides to people in power. They are human too. And our bickering and name calling and hatred doesn’t help our political system or government or world for that matter.

I’m also thankful for date nights. Usually Friday nights are dubbed “night out with hubby” and we get dinner somewhere fun. This week our date night is moved to tonight because I’m amazing and we got tickets to the Zac Brown Band concert in Louisville. Tonight is date night and celebration of one month of marriage all wrapped into one. And because I’m so excited to get out of our little town, here are a few of our favorite ZBB songs.


And out of everything I’m thankful for on this Thursday, I might be most thankful for slow mornings. I woke up late for work and was frustrated with myself, but that meant I had a little more time this morning to slow down and sit by my Christmas tree with my favorite blanket and enjoy all the other good, slow morning things. Such as the Today Show. And drinking coffee out of my favorite mug (thanks to this girl).

Thursday Thanks | A Girl Named Logan Blog

Thursday Thanks | A Girl Named Logan Blog

Thursday Thanks | A Girl Named Logan Blog

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8 Responses to Slow Mornings

  1. Darisa Hahn says:

    enjoying your blog!! Keep them coming!! Your home looks so warm and cozy!! I want to come visit again!! LOL!! Enjoy your date night!

  2. momillennial says:

    Oh ’tis the season! lovely decorating. I’m so glad to see you share your version of “netflix and chill” lol, but in a much more needed/ intimate version. I too hate the time suck binge watching can become, but some nights (and mornings(, it’s the only way I want to wind down with my husband. He’s also from Louisville! We’re in Arizona now 🙂 Will be following your adventures, thanks again for sharing!

    • eloloh says:

      Thanks for following! We love a good Netflix night for sure. Just don’t want time to go by and not actually spend time together 🙂 Intentionality is hard! Glad someone else shares the same thoughts. Tell me your husband isn’t a Cardinals fan… We’re all about some Wildcats over here! 🙂

      • momillennial says:

        Oh man he is a Cards fan- and it so happebs to also be Arizona’s FB team! It was a cost-effective move 😉 I’d be curious to see your Netflix Que – i’m always interested in sharing a good find!

  3. Missy says:

    Your house looks great Logan and I agree with Darisa, very cozy! Have fun tonight I know spencer is so excited! I love you baby girl

  4. Missy says:

    Have a wonderful date night tonight, I know Spencer is excited! Your house looks so co my and cozy like Darisa said – I love you baby girl
    ~ momma

  5. Love those latte mugs, sister!

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