I’m back.

I'm back. | A Girl Named Logan BlogThe day I got married, life as I knew it was over.

Literally, during our vows, I could see my life changing right before my eyes. I was professing, committing, giving my life to another human, and another human was giving his life to me. It was romantic, scary, exhilarating, intense, spiritual – all at the same time.

And every day since that cool November afternoon has been just the same. Romantic. Scary. Exhilarating. Intense. Spiritual.

One of those romanticscaryexhilaratingintensespiritual moments happened recently when Spencer and I realized that our marriage wasn’t living up to its potential. I know what you’re thinking…already?! No reason to worry, Missy and Darisa. This moment was necessary.

Through the madness of wedding day executing planning, moving into our new house, combining bank accounts, laundry, and bed space, we found ourselves drifting from our ultimate purpose of being married. Jesus Christ.

And with a husband like mine, that wasn’t acceptable.

So here we are. We’re on a Hahn-made plan to bring ourselves back up to speed mentally, physically, and most importantly spiritually:

  • Read through 5 Psalms a day
  • Workout 5 times a week
  • Spend 5 minutes with just God – no phone, no computer, nothing

Rather than Netflix and chill every night (which-oops-isn’t completely out of the picture yet – still learning self-control over here), we’ve committed to refocusing. Redirecting.

I’m back to writing again – a passion and skill of mine that I’ve left undone for too long.  And Spencer is setting aside his nightly huge waste of time Clash of Clan wars to read and fill his mind with truth.

And in order to connect all the dots, my ultimate desire is take what I’m learning through the Psalms and create small devotions to share with you. Personally, I think we should all be doing this. Sharing what God is teaching us and showing us and what’s going on in our lives. And not just the happy stuff, the stuff we post on Instagram. But the hard stuff too. We need each other, people! So go start your blog. I’ll be your number 1 follower.

Moving on.

I desire to create a community that breeds positivity. We look at our screens all day, but what are we actually seeing? Instagram gives us all the insecurities the world can offer. Facebook is annoying and abrasive, with uneducated people (Christians included) posting comments and articles that only propel hate and racism and injustice. We, as Christian women, need to begin to fill our minds with His truth in order to learn about His love so that we can be transformed to show His light to this dark world. 

Sorry. Really moving on now.

This is it. I’m back to this whole blogging thing. Will you join me in studying God’s word and learning to trust Him more every day? I can’t do it alone.

xo Logan

Also, since it’s Friday I feel obligated to share a few of my favorite things right now (because that’s what bloggers do, right?):

  • This. The fact that I can make playlists and put them in my posts. THIS IS REAL LIVING PEOPLE. I’m pumped. PTL for Google.
  • If you’re from Kentucky (or anywhere else for that matter), you should check out this new blog. Seriously. Do it right now. I would follow this blog even if one of my best friends wasn’t half of the sister-team who created it.
  • Lately I’ve been obsessed with baking. Maybe it’s this whole new wife thing I’ve got going on, or the fact that I have my own kitchen now (or a hubby who ALWAYS wants dessert after dinner). Check out this perfect pumpkin cookie recipe that’s become a favorite in our home.


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